What We Can Do For You!

Collectively, we at G6Software have more than 50 years online technical and marketing website experience. Broadly speaking, the services we offer you include:  

Digital Marketing Services

marketing services

WordPress (WP) + Services

Who We Are

I’m John Wigham, the founder and CEO at G6Software.com. Our purpose is to provide support and help for local businesses who want to grow and improve their online presence.

For this, I’ve assembled an experienced team of designers and coders that take pride in getting the job done on time and within the agreed budget.

We understand just how time-consuming it can be to develop a successful internet profile, so why not let us help you with that frustration by building a simple, but effective, traffic-pulling website for you. Plus, we can host and manage it for you too.

Why YOU Benefit From Using Our Services

Does this sound familiar? The gut-wrenching feeling of being overloaded, overworked, overwhelmed (call it what you will), is a major reason why so many people struggle and even give up … 

… and sadly, often with success in sight. Beaten down by those never ending, remorseless tasks that seem to just keep on returning. OK! Bit of a bleak, black picture, I know. 

But we have all been there and recognize those stomach-churning feelings of anxiety and disappointment. The daunting realization that building an online presence to grow your business is going to be a lot harder than you first thought, and take a lot longer. Where are you going to find the time?

As you also know from running your own business, the jobs you need to keep on top of are never-ending. Some are awkward and time-consuming while there are others that you just don’t like doing and tend to put off. This is where your progress and growth become compromised.

At times like this you need help to overcome the obstacles in front of you. Sometimes you need practical help to move forward. At other times you just need a ‘sounding-board’ to discuss how to achieve a task or overcome a problem. We’re here to listen and help.

We charge no monthly consultancy retainer fees. All of the jobs we do are task based, which means if you want three articles writing, that is three tasks. Similarly, if you want a website creating and another moving to a different hosting company, then that is two tasks.

Since each task invariably comprises several steps, we operate this way to ensure the work we do is of the highest quality we can make it. By doing it this way, we can easily identify and resolve any problems areas.

Most tasks, but not all, can be fixed price, and agreed in advance. All of this can be discussed when you book a call.

I believe we offer you a unique, transparent, no-frills service with everything upfront and nothing hidden. It will cost you remarkably little to test whether my belief is actual fact, or just ‘hot air’.