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What We Can Do For You!

Our Services Include (but are not limited to):

Content Creation, Writing and Editing

  • 20+ Years Write/Edit Content
  • Generate Articles and Reports
  • Create Product Reviews
  • Create images & infographics
  • Create QR Guides & Manuals
  • Build and Develop Checklists
  • Write & Manage email campaigns

WordPress (WP) Site Creation & Management

  • Build Websites From Scratch
  • Customize Websites
  • Site Maintenance & Audits
  • Update Themes and Plugins
  • Manage/Analyze Analytics
  • Blog Design & Development
  • Carry Out those Tedious Tasks…

cPanel Maintenance & Control

  • Create Websites (HTML & WordPress)
  • Site Backup and Restore
  • Transfer Sites between Hosts
  • Protect/Authenticate Emails
  • Setup Error Pages/Redirects
  • Create and Update MySQL DBs
  • Effective Site Management.

… and Much more …

Why You Benefit From Using Our Service.

Does this sound familiar? The feeling of being overloaded, overworked, overwhelmed (call it what you will), is a major reason so many people give up … and sadly, often with success in sight … beaten down by those never ending, remorseless tasks that seem to just keep on returning. OK! Bit of a black picture, I know. But we have all been there and recognize those gut-churning feelings of sadness and disappointment when you realize this Internet business is going to be a lot harder than you thought.

As you will know when running your own online business, the jobs you need to keep on top of are never-ending. Some are awkward and time-consuming while there are others that you just don’t like doing and tend to put them off. This is where your progress is halted.

At times like this you need help to overcome the obstacles in front of you. Sometimes you need practical help to move forward. At other times you just need a ‘sounding-board’ to discuss how to achieve a task or overcome a problem. We can help you with either of these scenarios.

I understand just how frustrating it can be building and managing an online business, so let me help with that frustration by performing a series of tasks and/or manage the whole process for you.

We charge no monthly retainer fees. All of the jobs we do are task based, which means if you want three articles writing, that is three tasks. Similarly, if you want a website creating and another moving to a different hosting company, then that is two tasks.

Since each task invariably comprises several steps, we work this way to ensure the work we do is of the highest quality we can make it. By doing it this way, we can easily identify and resolve any problems areas.

Most tasks, but not all, can be fixed price, and agreed in advance. All of this can be discussed when you book a call.

I believe we offer you a unique, transparent, no-frills service with everything upfront and nothing hidden. It will cost you very little to test whether my belief is just ‘hot air’ or fact!

Fees start at $20/hour *

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About Me

OK. I’ve told you what we can do for you. But who am I? And how can I make such claims?

“As a child growing up, surrounded by complex modern farm machinery, I became fascinated by technology at an early age. From the outset it was always ‘how does it do that?’ rather than ‘what does it do?’. 

Towards the end of a lengthy avionics career in the Air Force, I became immersed in documenting systems online (this was in the days when the ‘paperless office’ was very much in vogue). This was fascinating and enjoyable – good times indeed.

Upon leaving the air force I continued with this work and freelanced in the civil and military aviation, telecommunications, and rolling stock industries.

We regularly source domains for clients. Those that we are left with we build a basic website for the domain and them mostly flip them on to clients seeking to raise their online profile. If they need us to, we can incorporate them into their own business for them and help develop the site further.

It was at this time I started building and flipping (selling) web sites online; something I continue to do at every opportunity.

I have a disciplined, dependable view on life and a wealth of knowledge and experience in content creation and website maintenance, having made a living online since 2003 … and you know what (my passion is STILL technology;-).

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