About Us

Who We Are

I’m John Wigham, the founder and CEO at SkillsetServicesOnline.com and our sister site G6Software.com. My purpose is to provide help and support for local businesses who want to grow and improve their online presence.

For this, I’ve assembled an experienced team of designers and coders who take pride in getting the job done on time and within the agreed budget.

Years so, when first showing an interest in quality, an experienced old pro told me, “Quality is producing results that are fit for purpose, at the lowest possible cost, and within the time allowed.”. This is what we strive to achieve. 

We understand just how daunting it can be in creating a successful internet profile, so let us help with that frustration by building a simple, but effective, traffic-pulling website for you. Plus, we can host and manage it for you too, if you wish.

If you’d like to know more about my journey, click here for my story.