An Online Presence Has Become Essential For Business Success!

The world is evolving pretty rapidly right now, and amazingly we are largely keeping up with this evolution. Gone are the days when everything was done manually because now the number of people who use the internet to search for products is ever increasing and most believe that everyone who wants their business to thrive in these turbulent times, needs a visible website on page 1 of Google.

Regardless of what niche your trading in, having an active website helps give your business a much more visible awareness to your local community. Without a well-placed online presence, containing useful, helpful content and showcasing your products and services, you’re almost certainly leaving a lot on the table. And let’s not even get started on the massive Return-On-Investment  (ROI) you will get from driving traffic to such a website.

Still need more convincing on why every business needs a website?

Maybe this list will help you:

10 top reasons why every business needs a visible website

1. Having a website makes you appear authentic.

Believe it or not, your business is classified as more authentic when you have a functioning website that offers value. You can also use it as a platform to showcase awards that your business has won, with links to affirm credibility, and therefore boost your brand. 

Look at it this way, imagine a big prospect reaches out to you and wants to do business, but requests to know “more”. A website that showcases your past results will increase the chances of you both doing
business, after seeing for him/herself that you are result-oriented.

2. A website helps you showcase your products and services more easily.

What’s more attractive than being able to show potential customers what they’ll be getting when they work with you? A website allows you to showcase what you stand to offer your clients; this could be in the form of videos, images or any type of promotional material. They can even learn how to use your product just by watching the videos, and it will be a plus for you if he/she finds your website engaging and value-packed.

3. A website encourages customers to engage with you. 

Having a website allows you to display your contact details to potential customers; frankly, you never really know who needs your services and you might be referred by an existing customer. Having an easily-found website makes it easy for prospective clients to reach you and surf through your offers before deciding to engage your services.

4. A website helps generate leads.

Talk about a channel that can speed up your chances of collecting leads. Once people can identify you online, they can develop an interest in your product and services and want to know more about you which in turn allows you to increase sales or give you a positive ROI. 

Who wouldn’t love to increase sales rapidly? That’s the value that having an easily-found website brings to the table.

5. A website can drive organic traffic for you.

The world is a global village, so once you are online and have an optimized website, you have a good chance of showing up on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) when people search for businesses related to yours.

This gives you a very good chance at increasing your customer database; it’s even more exciting when your website is very engaging; that way, you will have customers revisiting your website in no time.

6. A website saves you time.

When you have a means of providing information to your customers online (Through a website), you get to save a lot of that time that you would have spent engaging customers individually.

You cannot deny the fact that it can be draining to repeat the same information to prospective clients every single time you want to make a sale. Now, if they need to reach you it probably will be to close out on deals, get a little more information, or get a one-on-one engagement with the brain behind the business.

7.A website helps your business run 24/7.

When you have a website, your content is available 24/7 meaning that your prospective clients can visit your website even in the middle of the night and still get all the information they need. 

When you are always available, it can increase sales, especially for e-commerce companies. It’s even more interactive if you have an AI-powered chatbot available on your website so people get answers to their enquiries in real-time. 

8. Your competitors have a website.

There’s a high chance that your competitors have a website working for them and to be able to compete adequately, you need to also evolve and build your website too, so you can stay relevant and competitive in your space. 

Additionally, it also helps cement your role as being forward-thinking and tech-savvy. You can even check out what your competitors are doing and strive to be better at it; after all, it’s a competition for a reason.

9. You can display reviews and testimonials on your website.

Displaying your best reviews and testimonials on your website helps customers build a certain perception about you through the eyes of other customers, which in turn helps increase leads for your business and also referrals. 

People easily like a brand when they can see that the existing clients give a lot of “thumbs up” to the brand, it becomes an easy sell to them.

10. You can keep your website up to date with relevant information about your business.

Your website being accessible 24/7 makes it easy for you to post updates and announcements to your customers thereby keeping them up to date about any information you would like them to know.

This way, you can easily carry your customers along every step of the way, making them get “attached” to your business.

Now that we have given you 10 good reasons why every business needs a website, here’s an opportunity to kickstart this journey in the easiest possible way.

No matter what type of business you have, G6 Software is your one-stop shop for having your own online presence with a stunning website, without writing even one line of code.

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